Central Bank gives $122,167 to Osceola Medical Center


Pictured (from left): Mitch Cook, President Central Bank, Mark Erickson, Osceola Branch President Central Bank, Jeff Meyer, CEO Osceola Medical Center, Sue Gerlach, Director Osceola Community Health Foundation.


2011 was to be the culmination of a five-year, $575,000 pledge made by The RiverBank to support Osceola Medical center in constructing their new facilities on 134 acres south of Osceola. 
However, with the closure of The RiverBank in October of this year, it became unclear whether or not the remaining pledge of over $100,000 would go unpaid.

Recognizing the impact this would have on OMC and the surrounding com-munity, Central Bank met with OMC last week to present a check for the remaining amount of the pledge.

“We know how important Osceola Medical Center is to the health and vitality of the Osceola community,” said Mitch Cook, President of Central Bank. “That’s why we’re going to honor the prior commitments made to OMC.”
The generous support  from Central Bank will help cover construction costs of the campus and the purchase of a Digital Mammography Unit.

“It’s great to know that the management at Central Bank has our back,” said Mark Erickson, Osceola Branch President at Central Bank.

"With a project of this scope and all the work that so many people from our community have put into it — it speaks volumes of their commitment to our community."

When construction at OMC campus is completed, residents of all ages will be able to receive quality health and well-being services from one convenient location.