General Information

  • What is MasterCard SecureCode?
  • How does MasterCard SecureCode protect me?
  • How does MasterCard SecureCode work?
  • Is MasterCard SecureCode easy to use?
  • What happens when my card expires or my billing information changes?
  • What happens if I cancel my existing card then get a new one with a different account number?
  • Can I use MasterCard SecureCode from any computer?
  • What are the system requirements for MasterCard SecureCode?

SecureCode Registration

  • What cards can I register with MasterCard SecureCode?
  • How many cards can I register with MasterCard SecureCode?
  • Can two people with a joint account use the same password or should they register MasterCard SecureCode separately?
  • Why do I have to supply personal information during registration?
  • Why do I have to enter all of my personal information again when I enroll a second card?
  • Can I create the same SecureCode for all of my cards?
  • What is a Personal Greeting?
  • What is the Signature Panel Code?
  • What do I do if I have questions during the registration process?
  • What happens if I do not register my card and I am shopping at a Merchant who participates in SecureCode?

Shopping with SecureCode

  • How do I use my SecureCode?
  • Where can I shop with MasterCard Secure Code?
  • Can I start shopping with my SecureCode as soon as I register?
  • What should I do if I purchase online but no SecureCode request window appears?
  • Can I purchase at merchants that do not participate in the MasterCard SecureCode service?
  • How will the online merchant know that my card is protected by MasterCard SecureCode?
  • Can I view a record of my SecureCode purchases?
  • I forgot my password. What should I do?
  • What if my Personal Greeting is missing or incorrect?

Managing your SecureCode Account

  • Why do I need to manage my account?
  • How do I access this feature?
  • How do I change my SecureCode?
  • How do I change my Personal Greeting?
  • How can I deactivate the SecureCode feature?
  • How can I reactivate the SecureCode feature?
  • How far back does my transaction history go?
  • Can I sort my transactions by merchant or by purchase amount?

Security & Privacy

  • Aren't I already protected by zero liability?
  • Where can I view Terms and Conditions?
  • Where can I review Central Bank's privacy policy?
  • Will my personal information be used without my permission?
  • Does the service use cookies?
  • How does the merchant know that my MasterCard card has been registered for MasterCard SecureCode?

How to Cancel

  • How can I cancel my SecureCode enrollment?
  • Can I later re-enroll?